Flavour List

Here is a list of flavours we offer suitable for celebration cakes, wedding cakes or cupcakes. Flavours can be mixed and matched to suit your taste.
If you have something in mind that is not on our list, just
contact us with your request.
Here at Cake Believe we are happy to try something new and different.


Classic Vanilla -
 Vanilla Sponge with Jam centre and Vanilla Buttercream  

Lemon -
 Lemon Sponge with Lemon curd centre and Lemon Buttercream   

Passion Fruit -
 Passion Fruit Sponge with Apricot Jam and Passion Fruit Buttercream 

Carrot and Orange -  
Carrot Cake with Orange flavoured Buttercream 

Strawberry -
 Vanilla Sponge with Strawberry Jam centre and Strawberry Buttercream 

Double Chocolate -
Chocolate Sponge with Chocolate Buttercream 

White Chocolate -
Chocolate Sponge with White Chocolate Buttercream 

Oreo -  
Chocolate Sponge with Oreo Buttercream 

Caramel -
Caramel Cake with Caramel centre and Caramel Buttercream 

Chocolate and Caramel -
Chocolate Sponge with Caramel centre and Caramel Buttercream  

Caramel Frappe -
Chocolate Sponge with Caramel Frappe Buttercream  (contains coffee) 

Mint Chocolate -
Chocolate Sponge with Mint Chocolate Buttercream 

Chocolate Orange -
Chocolate Sponge with Chocolate Orange Buttercream 

Nutella -
Chocolate Sponge with Nutella Buttercream 

Traditional Fruit Cake